Miranda Lark Maher

In my work lies an apparent obsessiveness merged with a calming yet disturbing element. The use of organic materials are reminiscent of a time where hands were not idle and patience and purpose in the world set laborious standards. These modulated growths purpose become blurred by the tediousness involved in the stitch-work presented. There is a preciousness of each stitch adding importance and turning them into organic reliquaries. The hand work involved references the body by showing the intense purposefulness of the compulsive nature of the repetitive stitch work. With this shown the viewer is constantly inspecting the internal and external aspects of our form seen in the work.
Inspecting the intricacies earth has provided to us is where I have found much of the inspiration for my work. Working with metal, a natural element itself, I am able to manifest my interpretation of our surroundings in a contemporary way by combining temporal elements and transforming them into a perpetual form. I incorporate a balance of texture, form and color to create fluid and organic creations born from the rich resources of my surroundings. I see the extraordinary in the ordinary aspects by inspecting the imperfections that most would not give a second glimpse. My pieces celebrate the fragility of life and its decomposing materials and perpetuate it in a long lasting material, metal while pushing the boundaries of alluring yet repulsive objects. The viewer has an immediate psychological connection to the work, pulling them closer to inspect it yet unsure if they should touch. The use of different materials such as wool, hair and wood create more character in my jewelry. By combining metal and found objects I create unstructured formations that echo the elemental world. Hammering, riveting, enameling, casting and crocheting give my work a raw and unique quality. My work gives the viewer a glimpse into my intimate relationship with nature.